Mobile Banking

Common Questions and Answers


Where do I find the Android downloadable application?

  • The Android downloadable application is available through either the Google Play market (formerly the Android Market) on a PC, or through the “Market” icon on the device itself.

Where do I find the iPhone downloadable application?

  • The iPhone downloadable application is available through either the iTunes Store on a PC, or through the “App Store” icon on the device itself.

What if my phone isn’t supported?

  • Any devices not supported for a downloadable application can utilize the Mobile Browser application (provided the device has internet/web access).


How do I enroll/Activate?

  • Potential Mobile enrollees must have an online banking account with the bank/institution and a mobile device. 

Do I need to have text banking?

  • No, agree to the terms and conditions on the first enrollment page, you will be taken to another screen where you will see both “Text Banking” and “Mobile Banking” with default checkmarks next to them.  You can select whether or not you wish to have text banking, or vice versa, on this screen.

What if I get an error message that says I’m “permanently disabled” from Mobile Banking?

  • In this case, please remove the current application being used from the device (if applicable), clear your device’s cache and cookies (refer to phone user manual for instructions), and re-install the application.  Then, log into online banking, remove the phone (from the ‘Add Phone’ page), and re-add the device.  What’s happened is that the security “cookie” created during initial enrollment has been lost, cleared, or broken, and needs to be re-established.

What happens to my mBanking apps when I clear my phone’s cache and/or cookies?

  • Clearing your phone’s cache/cookies will have the following effects across the mBanking modes:
    • Text Banking – You will be able to use text banking as usual. 
    • Mobile Browser/WAP Application – The activation code needed for sign-in is stored in your phone’s cookies for use of the Mobile Browser application.  If your phone’s cache/cookies are cleared, you will need to log back into online banking, click on ‘Mobile Enrollment’, and retrieve a new activation code for the Mobile Browser application.
    • Downloadable Application – You will be able to use your downloadable application as usual.

What if I get an error message that says “invalid credentials” or “password disabled”?

  • Either the User ID and/or Password has been entered incorrectly, or has been disabled from too many login attempts.  Log into online banking or contact your institution to reset your password.

Can I add more phones?

  • Yes, there is no limit to the number of devices you can have enrolled to your account.

Can I access more than one account?

  • No.  Once the security cookie for an individual device is created during Enrollment/Activation, whichever account is enabled for that device is the only account that can be accessed via mobile banking.  If you have multiple accounts, it is best to enroll using whichever account you use most often (or might use most via mobile).  If you have multiple devices, you can enroll different accounts on each device.  If your phone has Mobile Browser capabilities, you can login to the regular online banking website to access any other accounts via your mobile device.

What credentials do I use to sign in?

  • The same User ID and Password that are used in online banking.


Can I use a password app (such as “1password”) with my mBanking applications?

  • No.  Applications designed to link apps with different IDs and passwords will not work with your Mobile Banking applications.  The Mobile Banking applications create a secure link between your device and your bank that will not work with ‘password’ applications.